Interesting Plotholders

Carol and John: Plot 28

Here is Carol spinning the fleece of a Leicester Blueface sheep on plot 28.

Here is Carol and John`s plot. The herbs will be used to dye the wool.


The herbs


be used to dye the wool.


Interested onlookers.

PJ is an outstanding allotmenteer and his achievements deserve genuine praise. He has been awarded the prestigious Best Allotment in South Manchester, 2017. This award has a long history dating back to 1939 when Manchester Local Authority had an Agricultural Committee who instituted this trophy. The name of PJ Rowley has been added to the roll call emblazoning the silver trophy. He and his family enjoyed the dinner held to laud such achievements in Manchester given by the Council.
Not only content with this trophy, PJ also won the allotment first prize on Bradley Fold , 2017, for the variety of vegetables and flowers grown, their quality and the clever layout of his allotment. He is a proud man of the land and hails from County Mayo. His cheerful demeanour and willingness to give advice makes him a popular member of the Bradley Fold Allotments!
Click on `Gallery` for photos of PJ being handed his trophies by our hard working Chairman, Gordon Lorimer, and long standing committee member , Mike Barber.