General points about owning an allotment.

  • Allotment cookbook. Last year the soup cookbook was a great success and was sent all over the world. Responding to popular request we have reprinted the book and copies are now available in the shop on Sunday morning. Written by Graham Carlisle and illustrated by Anne Mackinnon the book costs £4.95.

  • Greetings cards of the allotments are also available illustrated by Anne.

  • Community Fruit Cage and Polytunnel
    The community fruit cage was purchased with grants from Manchester City Council. The fruit cage is positioned at the lowest point on the site so the area has been grassed. This helps to secure the soil in case of flooding. The cage is for community use and contains assorted fruit bushes and trees. Surplus produce is usually sold for allotment funds.
    The Polytunnel is currently being used by beginners; together with the small area adjacent to it. Prospective plot holders are able to enjoy a starter section whilst awaiting plot allocation. The tunnel may also be used by members for seed sowing in the spring. See Mike Barber for all queries.
  • Every plot holder should install and use compost heaps/bins. Anything which can be composted should be removed from the site and disposed of. Please don`t fly­ tip around the perimeter of the Fold as, apart from being unsightly, someone ultimately has to remove it! Anything combustible should be left at the bonfire site to be burned.
  • If your plot is adjacent to a haulage path please ensure outgrowth from plants and shrubs is kept in check. Strictly speaking, all constructions bordering the haulage path should allow for a one metre clearance to the edge of your plot! This, of course, facilitates the passage of delivery / service vehicles / cars around the site.
  • The First Aid Box is located on the wall by the shop entrance. Your key will open it. Please don't forget to lock it after use.
  • A key costs £4
  • Viridor at Longley Lane (the tip) are selling multi-purpose compost, weed free and reasonably priced in 20, 40, and 60 litre sacks. Turn left at the main entrance and pay at the second weighbridge.