The Allotment Shop

The shop is open every Sunday from 11 to 12 and stocks a range of seed potatoes, onions, compost , soil improvers and so much more. Volunteers are also needed please to help out and can sign up in the shop.

February Update

Dear Fellow Plot Holders,


Shop:  The shop has had a delivery and is now fully stocked.  Volunteers are urgently required to help in the shop on Sundays between 11:00 and 12:00.  Please sign-up in the shop.


Potatoes and Onion Sets: Potatoes, onions sets, shallots and garlic have arrived and are available in the shop.


Debris:  It is planned to have the woody debris in the ‘cage’ outside the shop removed next week.  After the woody debris has been removed, other debris, such as plastic, metal and composite material can be put in the ‘cage’. (The skip was clearly not sufficient).  This debris will be removed in a few weeks.


Polytunnel: Mike Barber is no longer looking after the polytunnel and we are looking for one or more plot holders to take over from Mike.  The polytunnel is 18 feet wide and 32 feet long.  It has been used for growing vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers for charity food kitchens.  In the future it is planned to use half of the polytunnel for the ‘community plot’ and half to continue to grow vegetable for charity.


The polytunnel was erected in 2010 and needs some refurbishment.  The base is suffering from rot and the plastic is damaged.  We have a £2000 grant to put towards its refurbishment.


I would be pleased to hear from any member of the society who would volunteer to assist in the maintenance and day-to-day use of the polytunnel.


AGM: The AGM, annual general meeting, of Didsbury Gardens Society will be held in St. Catherine’s church hall at 2:00 on Sunday 13th April.  Members of the society will elect a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary as well as members of the committee. The committee will provide nominations for the committee and  nominations are also welcomed from members of the society.  Nominations should be made to me at least two weeks before the AGM and must include a seconder.



Volunteer working group

Everyone is welcome to join the volunteer working group on the first Sunday of every month at 11am. There’s a range of tasks to maintain communal areas and to support the new community plot beside the polytunnel. Meet other allotment folk , have fun and help others! We gather outside the allotment shop and do bring tools if you have them.

Didsbury in Bloom 2017

Didsbury in Bloom: At the Britain in Bloom Awards, Didsbury in Bloom were awarded a Gold Medal and were the U.K. winner of the Urban Community Category. As part of the Didsbury in Bloom submission Bradley Fold Allotments were awarded a Gold with particular reference to our Community Participation. Thank you Mike and Sylvie Barber for your efforts during the visit of the RHS judges.