Latest news from The Chairman, Gordon, ..Awards! Skip! and BBQ

  • 1. Allotment Competition Awards: The awards for last summer’s allotment competition were given out last night.  Mick and Joyce Cunningham, plot 44, won the prize for the best allotment in south Manchester.  P.J. Rowley, plot 71, won the prize for the best allotment in  Manchester! Congratulations to Mick and Joyce and P.J..  At the present time I do not know what the scores were on all of the other plots.  I was told last night that there will be another allotment competition this year.



2. Skip:  The Council has agreed to provide a skip over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th June.  This is a great opportunity for plot holders to remove large pieces of rubbish from their sites.

3. Barbeque:  Natalie Marshall has again kindly agreed to organise the allotment barbeque which will be held on Sunday 1st July. Food will be served from 13:00 until 15:00.  Guests are requested to contribute  a salad or sweet.  Wine and beer will be on sale while fruit juice and bottled water will be provided. There is no charge for the barbeque but donations will be gratefully accepted to help offset the cost to the society. Natalie would appreciate offers of assistance .

Chairman’s Newsletter

Dear Fellow Plot Holders,

1. AGM: The AGM will be held on Sunday 2nd April at 3:00 in Emmanuel Parish Hall, Didsbury. Before the AGM, at 2:00, there will be a talk by Mike Vernon and Robert Duff, from the Environmental Agency, about the EA’s work in the Mersey Valley. At the AGM there will be an up-date of progress with the new pavilion. Parking is available off Barlow Moor Road beside the church hall.

THERE ARE A FEW ONION SETS AND LOTS OT SHALLOTS( which are very easy to grow)!
Plenty of fertilisers and a variety of composts too. SLUG PELLETS AND MORE…… As always, we require volunteers on Sunday from 11:00 to 12:00 to help in the shop.

3. Manure: We have decided to move the manure to a site near the bonfire. We are also installing a letterbox in the shop door so that plot holders can pay when they take manure, in an attempt to reduce the numbers that ‘forget’ to pay.

4. Allotment competition. At the 2017 Manchester Allotments Competition P.J. Rowley, plot 71, won two prizes, one of which was for the best allotment in south Manchester. Congratulations P.J.!


New Community Orchard

The new community orchard has been planted up on the North side of the allotment site, near the pond.
It is being developed by volunteers and the trees include:-
There are plans to grass the area and install a bench for you to enjoy a cup of coffee. Other fruit trees and bushes are in the fruit cage opposite. Do take a look.