Action required ..please use your vote!

Our Community Plot project is one of three charity projects you can vote for on the Tesco Stronger Starts scheme between April and June this year.
When you shop in any of our local Tesco stores (Oxford Road, Parrs Wood, Burnage, Wilmslow Road, etc) you will receive a blue token. You can place this in the collection box near the store exit to vote for one of three charity causes. You don’t have to be a Tesco clubcard member, just make a purchase, however small.

The more votes we get, the more money we get, up to £1,500! Please vote for us as often as you feel able to and also encourage your family, neighbours, church groups, social groups and any other organisations you are part of to give us their votes for our very worthy cause. Tell everyone you can – word of mouth is the best advertisement.

This money will be used to build our Community Plot raised beds, hard standing and interior polytunnel adaptations so that allotment members with mobility challenges can be offered a convenient way to continue gardening when a conventional plot becomes too much to manage. We want to keep members gardening, producing, and sharing their knowledge and experience to the benefit of all of us. The Community Plot will also have a general meeting and socialising area with benches and seats where people can come and have a chat. The rest of the polytunnel and the plantation of charity fruit trees will continue to be managed and cropped for donation to local foodbanks and community kitchens, so we can spread the benefits even wider than the allotment society.